Varman suspended for rubbish saga

Fiji Football Association Referees Director Rakesh Varman has been suspended, after a video circulating online caught him dumping rubbish on a beach.

It is uncertain where the video was recorded, however, the 4 minutes 25 seconds clip shows a man confronting Varman, and demanding him to pick up his rubbish.

The 53-year-old is seen is picking up the rubbish, which included diapers, kitchen litter, baby milk formula tins to name a few.

Fiji Football Association President Rajesh Patel has made a public comment via Facebook saying “Yes he is suspended immediately and then we will take further action thank you all for bringing to our attention”.

Patel further commented saying “Yes we have to correct it but he has to pay for it”

A media statement is expected to roll out tonight from the Fiji FA.

In the video the former school teacher is heard saying “Give him $10 please” in the hindi language and at the end of the video he offered money to the local who filmed the video.

Mai TV made attempts to call Varman regarding the video, but proved futile.

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