USP residential committee assist students on campus

Residential student leaders at the University of the South Pacific are providing food and basic necessities to more than 500 students stranded due to the pandemic.

Five hundred and fifty (550) students, mostly from neighboring island countries have had no choice but to remain in campus following the imposition of movement control including the grounding of international flights in Fiji.

The university’s residential committee made up of heads of residential blocks or commonly known as residential assistance (RA’s), have been organising groceries for these students. Through donations and their own initiatives, the committee has been able to reach out to 65 students.

Committee and USPSA residential rep Jotame Temo said they want to cater for all students, starting with those in immediate need.

“I am confident that we can help all residents, if not all then at least those who need it most to help them survive this tough time,” Temo said.

Temo said some students were struggling but were not forthcoming about their situation because they were embarrassed.

“We would like to help everyone, but we have a limited budget. We want to lend a helping hand solely on the fact that we are residents ourselves and know what its like on the ground.

“We are all here to serve. Not only am I helping in my capacity as the USPSA Residential Rep, I am also assisting in my capacity as the Delegate of the USP Halls Office as an RA. I am working with an team made up of RAs Semi, Haleifalu, Adi Asenaca and Adi Lusiana.

 “I am grateful to the individuals who have stepped up to donate and help our residents. I am also in touch with various departments and organizations that are eager to come on board for the sake of these students. The university will help, likewise the commercial and halls office, which have been working together as well as USPSA which will also step in to assist.

“I went to bed last night worrying about how we were going to cater for other residents in need. I woke up this morning to a donation from one of our FSM students and that tells me that we are not alone; everyone is working and helping each other out. We are indeed part of the same ocean.”

Temo and his team welcome any donation in cash or kind to enable them to reach out to all stranded students to ensure they are fed and taken care of. He can be reached via his facebook account that goes by the name Jotame Temo or via email

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