Upgrade voter card if name differs from that on birth certificate: Elections

Any person who has a VoterCard that does not have the name as recorded on the Birth Certificate, and is still holding on to the ‘Green Coloured’ VoterCard will have to upgrade to the ‘Blue Coloured’ VoterCard, says the Fijian Elections Office.

The ‘Green Coloured’ VoterCard has expired, and persons wishing to upgrade their cards will be required to present their original birth certificate.

“The Fijian Elections Office [‘FEO’] will be recording the name that is on the Birth Certificate of the person on the VoterCard,” the FEO said in a statement.

“If the person wishes to use a name that is not on the birth certificate, then the person will be required to first amend the name on the Birth Certificate, following the process of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry.”

The FEO will be able to provide you with the form and that form can be submitted either through the FEO to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry or the person can simply do that himself or herself.

“Once the Birth Certificate is amended to reflect the new name, the person will then be able to obtain the new VoterCard. Also once a person is registered, they are not removed from the voter roll.”

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