Up to three cyclones likely to hit Fiji: 2020/21 Outlook

One to three tropical cyclones are expected to pass through Fiji’s Exclusive Economic Zone, with the western division most at risk, according to Fiji’s 2020/2021 Tropical Cyclone Outlook.

Released today by the Fiji Met Office, the outlook predicts that of the three tropical cyclones, one could develop into a severe tropical cyclone. Tropical cyclones are classified as severe when they become a category three system and higher. Increased risk of flooding across the country during the November to April window is to be expected as well.

“During past TC seasons which are similar to [the] present, a number of tropical cyclones which affected Fiji passed through the west of the Fiji Group. Thus, there is an elevated risk of TCs to pass through the Western Division this season.

2020/2021 Tropical Cyclone Outlook

“With a La-Niña event established in the tropical Pacific, there is an increased risk of flooding across the Fiji Group…during the period.”

Furthermore, the Fiji Met Office has not ruled out the occurrences of tropical cyclones outside the November to April window. There have been instances in the past where “cyclones have formed in the region in October and May and rarely in September and June.”

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