Tuinaceva Calls For Changes at LTA

Former CEO of the Land Transport Authority and Opposition member Nasa Tuinaceva has called for changes at the LTA.

Tuinaceva highlights and claims what he terms are sub standard training session with incompetent driving instructors.

In a statement Tuinaceva claims that there alleged cases of collusion between instructors and students.

“Reports indicate a disturbing trend of alleged collusion between driving examiners and instructors or individuals seeking to obtain driving licenses illicitly. This collusion undermines the integrity of the licensing process and compromises road safety standards.”

“We are witnessing a concerning pattern of laxity and compromise within the driving education and examination system.

“The proliferation of uncertified instructors, substandard training, and allegations of collusion between examiners and instructors is putting lives at risk on our roads.”

Tuinaceva adds that Defensive Driving courses should also be introduced for Class 2 drivers.

“In addition to revising provisional driver conditions, Land Transport Authority must introduce defensive driving courses for Class 2 driver’s license holders. These courses would equip drivers with essential skills to anticipate and respond to potential hazards on the road, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall road safety.

“We cannot afford to overlook the glaring deficiencies in our driving education and examination system.”

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