Tropical lows pose no threat to Fiji, but could change: Weather Office

Fiji’s Weather Office is monitoring two tropical low systems it says will cause spells of heavy rain and strong winds in the country, until the weekend, but are unlikely to be damaging based on current projections.

However, it has not ruled out the possibility of the worst-case scenario occurring, and immediately issued warnings of flash floods in low lying areas between Naboutini on the Queens Road and Nayavu on the Kings Road and in the upper Wainimala and Waidina rivers.

In an update this afternoon, the weather office predicts that in their current paths, the two systems, one currently located near Samoa and the other, located off Rotuma, will move towards each other Friday, with the dominant system eventually overriding the other, then intensifies before it moves further away from Fiji, tracking close to Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

“Whilst the system is expected to track closer to Vanuatu and New Caledonia for now and poses no immediate threat to the Fiji Group, as we all know, cyclone situations can change rapidly. Therefore, if the system does track closer to Fiji the weather is anticipated to deteriorate further. Thus, expect periods of heavy rain which could lead to severe flooding and damaging gale force winds.”

Fiji Weather Office

If it does change for the worse, the weather office has issued flood warnings for lying areas and small streams adjacent to the Waidina River and Naqali bridge.

“A flash flood warning is in force for low lying areas and areas adjacent to small streams along the Kings road from Naboutini to Suva, Suva to Nausori, Nausori to Korovou and upper Wainimala and Waidina rivers. A strong wind warning remains in force for the Fiji Waters. Members of the public are discouraged from playing in and crossing flooded roads, creeks and rivers. Motorists are also advised to drive with caution under heavy rain conditions. Mariners need to be cautious while venturing out to sea as we expect easterly winds with speeds up to 20 to 25 knots and rough seas with moderate southwest swells. Poor visibility in areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Sea conditions may not be safe for operators of small crafts. Inexperienced mariners, especially those operating smaller vessels should avoid sailing in these conditions.”

Fiji Weather Office
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