Travel safe, keep an eye on the children as severe weather sets in: Police

It may be prudent to do without an umbrella, avoid travelling out to sea and take the necessary precautions when travelling on the roads today in view of the latest weather update, prompting reminders from Fiji Police to parents and guardians, to keep a close watch on their children.

Issued this hour, the Fiji Weather Office warns of poor visibility in areas of heavy showers, and up to very rough seas in light of a strong wind warning in force for all Fiji waters, and over the land areas of Kadavu and/or nearby smaller islands, the Yasawas, the North of Fiji, Lau, or the Lomaiviti Group. Occasional rain is to be expected over most places today, with some periods of heavy falls.

“Strong southeasterly winds with an average speed of 40km/hr gusting to 55km/hr,” the Fiji Met Office said in an update this morning.

Winds can cause large tree branches to shake and whistling in wires, and umbrellas become difficult to use.

“Please take all the necessary precautions when travelling on our roads,” police said, Please keep a close watch over your children’s activities.”

Photo: Fiji Police

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