Transport company project offers hope for village children

Giving children hope for the future has been the motivation behind Pacific Destination’s work in Nadroga.

Speaking at the Pacific Resilience Meeting’s Master Class session last week, transport company managing director James Sowane said the building project they helped build was to help everyone in the village of Nakabuta especially the children.

“The Study Hall project by our client from the USA sponsored is for the children of Nakabuta Village, Sigatoka. We built it to the standard that it is also an evacuation centre for the village.”

Sowane said one of the requests of the funders was that the hall is used specifically for the children’s studies and for evacuation in times of disasters.

‘We also got them to sign an MOU to not use the hall for village functions plus to agree to the long term vision of supporting the education of their children.”

In the hall also is a list of names of children who have gone onto higher education to inspire their younger village members.

“Hopefully we will get another sponsor at some point when borders re-open to replicate the concept in remote villages,” Sowane said.

Photo: Pacific Destinations

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