Test kits to boost COVID19 response

The Australian Government today donated world-class testing kits, said to be able to show results within minutes, boosting Fiji’s COVID19 response.

This afternoon, the Royal Australian Air Force C-17 aircraft landed in Nadi carrying 360 GeneXpert test cartridges, in the first of many expected to arrive in Fiji over coming weeks. A statement from the Australian High Commission in Fiji said that the GeneXpert system can produce accurate results within 45 minutes, and allows direct detection of the presence of the SARS-CoV−2 virus, which causes COVID−19, in swabs or other samples. 

Australia has contributed $FJD1.46 million towards the WHO procurement of 96,591 GeneXpert PCR testing cartridges and three additional GeneXpert PCR machines, to enable in-country diagnostic testing for COVID−19 across the Pacific. 

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, John Feakes said: “Staff from the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services have done phenomenal work over the last couple of months to detect and contain the spread of COVID-19, and Australia will continue to support their efforts by ensuring our Fijian vuvale have access to accurate and high-quality testing equipment.” 

This is the tenth(10th) day since the announcement of Fiji’s 18th case. Since, 11 people have recovered and seven remain COVID19 positive, but in stable condition in isolation. 

Meanwhile, the Australian military aircraft also flew in 1000 Ceftriaxone antibiotic injections, and an additional $FJD402, 000 of humanitarian supplies to support Fiji’s response to TC Harold including 2600 mosquito nets for beds, 200 blankets, 200 sleeping mats, 175 family tents, 10 chainsaws, 5 generators 8KVA, 100 first aid kits, 4 Thermal foggers to combat mosquitos, 100 litres of Pyrethrin insecticide, 5 respirator kits for workers combatting mosquitos, 6 flat pack 1000 litre water tanks, 396 hygiene kits and 720 tarpaulins.

The aircraft also carried UNICEF supplies including tents and WASH kits as part of Australia’s ongoing cooperation with United Nations’ agencies.

Photos: Australian High Commission Media

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