Tertiary student who blackmailed victim with nude photos charged

A twenty-year-old tertiary student who allegedly blackmailed a man to paying him $400 so as not to release nude photos of him on social media has been charged and will appear before a magistrates court in Suva today.

Fiji Police said the accused is alleged to have created a fake profile posing as a woman and sought out potential victims online. The alleged incident occurred in March.

“After carefully identifying his potential victims, he would send a friend request, and after gaining the victim’s trust would send sexual videos with a false hope of offering sexual favours,” Police said, “The accused would then allegedly ask for sexually explicit photos from the victim.

“Once received, the accused allegedly solicited $400 in exchange for the money not to be posted on social media.”

He has been charged with two counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception.

Police said the man is also wanted for similar cases in Tavua and Totogo.

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