Tension high on Taveuni after another fire

Community members on Taveuni expressed concern and fear as another fire broke out this time at the office of the secretary of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council office at Somosomo village.

The fire which broke out last night was put out yet people are still anxious. A second incident also happened in Drekeniwai settlement.

“My family and I are scared. What’s happening in Taveuni is frightening. Last week 2 fires in Naqara and now this.” a young farmer said.

Police have also stepped up operations on the island after the first fire and roadblocks have been set up also.

Taveuni Tourism Association executive Terri Garton had called for calm and asked that people on Taveuni work together.

In a media release today Fiji Police stated that investigations continue into both incidents.

Photo: Fiji Police

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