Cat 3 cyclone over Vanuatu to bring rain to Fiji

Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold intensified to a category 3 system this afternoon as it heads towards Vanuatu, after hitting Solomon Islands where dozens are reportedly missing and feared dead.

In its current path, it is unlikely to make landfall in Fiji, but it is expected to bring heavy rain as it tracks over waters south of the country.

The system is expected to make landfall in Vanuatu later today.

Winds near the center are estimated at 80 knots increasing to 95 knots, which could cause damage to trees, crops, overhead wires, temporary shelters and weather structures.

It is often accompanied by heavy rain and flooding.

It is expected to intensify further to a category 4 system as it passes through Vanuatu before subsiding as it moves towards Fiji waters.

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