TC Harold damage reported at NDMO, briefing soon

Reports of damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Harold have begun to come in at the National Disaster Management Office as TC Harold, now in Fiji waters gets close to Kadavu.

A situational report on the damage reported so far has just been completed this hour at the NDMO and a press briefing will take place at 12noon.

The NDMO is due to give the press a preliminary account of damage but so far reports have come in on social media of damage in Lautoka, Tailevu North and in the central division.

Reports are that widespread flooding have occurred in the western division.

Please continue to monitor our social media platform on on and for immediate reports as we get them.

More details will be on our website on

According to the Fiji Meteorological Service, TC Harold will be at its closest to Fiji at 3pm today when it will be 70km South East of Kadavu or 110km west-southwest of Matuku.

It is expected to be 60km northwest of Ono-i-Lau or about 160km southeast of Matuku at 9pm tonight.

TC Harold is currently at Category 4 strength and that means we can expect damage to homes, roof structure, trees will be snapped and uprooted and power poles downed.

Well built homes will sustain damage.

Meanwhile the following evacuation centres are set up and ready to accept those requiring shelter from TC Harold.
Please move now in daylight before flood waters rise and before TC Harold is at its closest to Fiji.

More details soon.


Police: 917

Ambulance/Fire: 910/911

National Emergency Operation Center: 915 || 3319250
Central Division: 3477000 || 5332
Eastern Division: 3313400 || 7775485
Northern Division: 8811332 || 8811005
Western Division: 6664946 || 4503327

Fiji Meteorological Office – 6736006 || 672 4888|| 9905376
Seismology Unit (Earthquakes) Mineral Resources Department – 3383910

Police Command Centers:
Northern Division Command – 9905722
Eastern Division Command – 9905563
Southern Division Command – 9905529
Western Division Command – 9905457
Central Division Command – 8932875

Maritime Emergency – 1539


FEA: 913

Water Authority of Fiji – 5777 || 3346777 || 7209091

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