Suva Rugby’s Tamani Acknowledges Family for Steadfast Support

 For Terio Tamani, going to the Olympics has been the culmination of hardwork, support from family and not letting his circumstances deter his dreams.

The Kadavu man did not hesitate to acknowledge the people who have supported and stood by him through the years.

“My coaches, my mentors, my team mates and my family and especially my wife and children, my wife especially who has seen me through some of my darkest times trying to be better in my game, seen me through the injuries and the defeats and continued to encourage me to keep on believing in my dream.”

Tamani who is part of the Suva rugby team says the call to represent Fiji at the Olympics is a privilege and one that he will not take lightly.

“This has been my dream and that of the many young men around Fiji who are all gifted and would do anything to be in this team. I will not take it lightly.”

Photo: Tamani with his wife and children and family

PC: Fiji Rugby

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