Suva Darts Association Resumes Open League with Notable Upsets

The Suva Darts Association (SDA) successfully kicked off the 2023 Fintel-sponsored Suva Darts Open League last night, its first in three years, at the Defence Club in Suva and saw some surprising upsets in the opening matches.

Newbies, Movement International, and Nathan Homes-sponsored Ono, based in Samabula, caused the first major upset of the night. Despite having only started playing darts last year, they defeated the defending champions, Tanoa 3Ds, 7-4.

Newbies Samabula-based Ono Darts team

SDA executive Salendra Singh said the victory would significantly boost the morale of the newcomers and help them maintain their momentum going forward.

In the other matches of the evening, a power-packed Friends United team made a strong comeback but ultimately fell short against the well-organised Traps team, who secured a 6-5 victory. The formidable Titan squad proved too strong for Team DC, claiming a convincing 9-2 win whilst the Kings secured an easy win after the Cool Ladies failed to make an appearance.

SDA President Edward Roxburgh likened the resumption of the league, following its postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to a “breath of fresh air.”

The competition will continue next Monday, featuring a total of eight teams, although the association remains open to new teams joining in. The league format consists of two rounds of round-robin play, with prizes awarded to the top four teams in each round. After the completion of the two rounds, the top four teams will qualify for the semifinals and finals.

Looking ahead, the SDA is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to host international teams towards the end of the year and early next year. Suva Darts is particularly excited about welcoming a competitive Tongan Darts team to Fiji in November of this year. Furthermore, preparations are underway for the 4th South Pacific Darts Championship (SPDC), scheduled to be held in Fiji in January 2025. Roxburgh is hopeful that the Fiji Darts Association will soon convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to enable the national body to oversee these international events.

The SDA is also seeking more female players to join and participate in tryouts for the 4th SPDC National team.

Photo: Rod Jepson Trustee of Defence Club opening the event

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