Suspended Sentence for Mum Convicted of Manslaughter Over Drowning Death of Son

A 25-year-old woman convicted of manslaughter stemming from negligence in the death of her son in 2021 has been given a suspended sentence “to get [her] life in order”.

Reapi Namosimalua was sentenced to two years, 11 months and 15 days imprisonment after being found guilty of manslaughter arising from breach of duty in the death of her two years and 8-month-old son who drowned off the coast of Malake Village in Rakiraki on 11 September 2021.

However Lautoka High Court Judge Justice Sunil Sharma suspended the sentence for three years noting that she was a young mother with two other children in her charge (aged 5 years and eight months), and was remorseful, promising not to re-offend.

Namosimalua was also ordered to undergo general and parental counselling facilitated by the Social Welfare Department or an NGO recommended by the Social Welfare Department.

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