Summit culminates with communique highlighting Fiji Government work-ons

Fiji’s National Economic Summit concluded in Suva today, with a communique outlining 14 key resolutions reached after two days of discussions involving participants from various sectors.

The resolutions addressed critical issues for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in Fiji, including trusted leadership, good governance, fiscal discipline, human development, rural and outer island development, agriculture, fisheries, technology-based education, empowerment of Fiji’s indigenous population in commerce, water supply and waste management, land, marine, and transportation systems, electricity supply, evidence-based policymaking, and continuous collaboration beyond the summit.

In his closing remarks, Fiji’s Minister for Finance, Professor Biman Prasad, stressed the importance of economic growth, short-term assistance, and a people-centered approach in addressing the urgent demands of the public, particularly the rising cost of living.

Professor Biman stated, “We will pursue the most sustainable solution to improving cost of living challenges that must necessarily come from rising incomes sourced through economic growth. However, short-term measures, such as directed and targeted assistance for lower-income households, could be improved with increased government revenue created by a growing economy. Economic growth is the key – and this summit is an important first step in a united, people-driven approach to achieving a better economic future for all.”

The summit, which was officially opened by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka yesterday, consisted of five plenary sessions with breakouts into 12 thematic working groups, aimed to inform the government’s short, medium, and long-term policies and strategies, including the forthcoming annual budget in July.
It involved participants from various sectors including the private sector, civil society, academia, and industry leaders.

To view the Communique:

To view the 21-page Resolutions:

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