Students Found Displaying Unsafe Behaviors Will Be Asked to Exit the Bus

police at border control

Students found engaging in unruly behaviors will be directed to exit the bus, and their flags will be confiscated, Fiji’s Land Transport Authority warns urging strict adherence to road safety measures and traffic laws, particularly during major school sporting events.

The warning comes after concerns were raised over student passengers waving flags from moving buses.

“These behaviours include waving school flags from moving vehicles and buses, unruly conduct of student passengers, vandalism, and drivers playing loud music in buses. Such actions pose serious risks to the safety of all road users and have the potential to cause accidents,” LTA Acting CEO Irimaia Rokosawa said.

“These inappropriate and dangerous passenger and driving behaviours will not be tolerated by the Authority. If this behaviour continues, the Authority will not hesitate to halt chartered buses for schools whose students continue to engage in these dangerous and inconsiderate passenger behaviours.”

The LTA and Fiji Police Force are monitoring these behaviors and will enforce necessary actions to maintain order and safety on the roads.

Parents, guardians, and schools are urged to instill safety-conscious behavior among students.

Bus operators are advised not to tolerate such behaviors and to seek assistance from authorities if needed.

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