Students’ after-school conduct prompts police school visitation

Police officers will be visiting schools following concerns raised on the behaviour of students after school hours.

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan says concerns have been raised by members of the public about students seen in towns and cities in groups well after school hours.

ACP Khan said information received of students meeting up after school hours for reasons other than educational purposes will only lead to trouble. He is urging parents and guardians to support policing efforts to ensure their children are not exposed to situations that will impact their safety.

Information was received of a situation that would have turned out to be a brawl between students, and Community Policing efforts are being pushed forward to schools where officers are able to address students in numbers.

ACP Khan said while Police and teachers will continue to impart safety awareness to students at schools, parental and guardian support in reinforcing the same messages from home, is equally important.

He has reminded children not to involve themselves in any activities that could lead to trouble, as it could impact their education.

Photo: File/Archives

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