Store drinking water, expect shutdowns

STORE enough drinking water to last up to three days as the Water Authority of Fiji expects heavy rain to disrupt supply.

WAF CEO, Mr Barry Omundson said the heavy rains that Tropical Cyclone Harold is expected to bring to most parts of the country can create encounter water treatment problems.

The authority expects that water may not be as clear as is ideal or there me be blockages, burst mains and electricity supply issues caused by the heavy rains.

“While our teams are working around the clock to maintain good water supply throughout the country, the current weather conditions may affect our water supply systems and we are urging Fijians to be prepared for emergencies,” said Mr Omundson.

“We urge our customers to store drinking water to sustain them for at least 2 to 3 days for emergencies until help comes through our water carting service. Please ensure to boil all stored drinking water before consumption as an added precaution,” Mr Omundson explained.

Specific cautionary advise to store enough water is directed to Fijians in the following places;

Navua and Deuba

“Water carting trucks are on standby and will be deployed as needed to impacted areas, with high priority given to hospitals,” Mr Omundson added.

For further inquiries as well as water carting requests, customers can call 334 6777 and 5777 (all mobile networks) or email

Fijians can also contact the WAF Facebook page: www.

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