Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Strengthening Fiji’s Early Warning Systems

Fiji Government representatives and the United Nations met to discuss strengthening Early Warning Systems (EWS) in Fiji.

Spearheaded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pacific Office in Fiji, the core objective of the initiative is to develop a Green Climate Fund (GCF) proposal that will address challenges and improve the effectiveness of Fiji’s EWS.

Despite the acknowledged efficacy of EWS in mitigating disasters, global deficiencies persist, particularly in translating warnings into timely actions, the UN statement said.

Minister for Rural Development Sakiasi Ditoka said it was urgent to develop and strengthen these systems.

“With millions affected and significant economic losses incurred, we need to stress the imperative of integrating risk mitigation measures into development planning to alleviate vulnerability on a global scale.”

“The Advancing Early Warning for All project is more than just a project; it’s a commitment to the safety and well-being of every Fijian. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that our nation is better prepared, more resilient, and capable of thriving in the face of adversity,” he stated.

Expressing UN support, Iori Kato, Acting UN Resident Coordinator for Fiji, affirmed the commitment to bolster Fiji’s efforts in advancing multi-hazard early warning systems.

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