Sports activities remain suspended: Health

Sporting events including those organised at community level remain suspended indefinitely despite the relaxation of certain COVID19 social gathering restrictions, Fijian health authorities say. 

Individuals however, Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services said can continue with individual exercises such as jogging or walking.

“The risk of person to person transmission of COVID- 19 is high when there is a large gathering of people and at places such as sporting facilities, stadiums or even village playgrounds where maintaining a safe physical distance can be a challenge.”

The temporary suspension has seen the postponement and cancellation of some major sporting tournaments across the country including age-grade and club-level netball, soccer, rugby and athletics as well as provincial rugby competitions.

Meanwhile, social gathering numbers of 20 people or less was reinstated Monday, April 27; almost four weeks after government imposed an outright ban on gatherings effective April 2 to curb the spread of the pandemic. Government eased restrictions on social gathering after 11 of Fiji’s 18 COVID-19 patients were declared recovered after returning consecutive negative tests.

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