Speeding Remains Leading Cause of Death in Fiji’s Road Accidents: ACCF

Speeding remains the leading cause of deaths and serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

Of 55 fatal road accidents reported, 25 were caused by speeding Accident Compensation Commission Fiji (ACCF) CEO Parvez Akbar says, urging road users to exercise caution, whether they are a driver or pedestrians.

Since ACCF was established under the Accident Compensation Act 2017 to compensate victims of motor vehicle, employment, and school accidents, 80 percent of applications received have been for accidents stemming from speeding.

“ACCF sees the impact of these deaths and injuries on individuals and families on a daily basis, and says the ripple effect on families, communities, colleagues, the health system, and the economy is unacceptable,” Akbar said. “Even one life lost is one too many, and the current statistics for injuries and deaths on our roads are shocking and disgraceful. All these serious injuries and deaths are unnecessary and avoidable.”

The ACCF is urging drivers to be patient, avoid taking risks, and plan their journeys ahead.

Akbar also points out that the ACCF does not provide compensation to drivers who suffer serious injuries if they are convicted of an offense that directly caused the accident.

So far, ACCF has approved around $52 million in compensation for victims of motor vehicle, employment, and school accidents.

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