Songbird to Perform at Fijian Drua game

Australian idol and singing sensation Paulini Curuenavuli will perform during the half time show at the Fijian Drua and Reds game on Saturday at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.

Speaking to the media at the Tanoa Hotel last night, the Vanuavatu lass said she considered this performance an honor and privilege especially performing in front of the home crowd in Suva.

“I consider it an absolute honor to be here in Fiji and to perform in front of the home crowd. I have heard so much about the Fiji crowds at the Drua games so it will be good to see them and be amongst the people on the day.”

“I am from Vanuavatu in Lau and my mum is from Ra. I left Fiji when I was only 4 years old and while I’ve been back every now and then, coming back this time is very special because I am here to do something I love which is singing and to partner with the Fijian Drua in this way.”
Curuenavuli says singing has taken her places and opened her up to possibilities she never were achievable.

“I’ve done the Australian Idol and countless many other shows and it’s developed my character and strength and my advice to young Fijians who are aspiring to be artists also is to keep working at your talent and your dream. Don’t give up and keep exploring opportunities.”

Curuenavuli will perform during the Pepsi Max Half Time show.

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