Sole Partners With FHUT To Facilitate Members’ Investment

Locally owned savings app Sole FinTech has added to its popular growing business the Fijian Holdings Unit Trust to make it easier for its customers wanting to invest their savings.

In a statement, Sole Limited’s founder and board chair Semi Tukana, stated that this was a venture to encourage members to further save and use their money wisely.

“This collaboration is a start to improve access to medium- to long-term investments that will grow their wealth.”

FHUT says this new partnership is also in recognition of how digital platforms are the norm today.

“We are excited that Sole Fintech has provided us with this platform for our
investors, which is in line with our strategic approach to digital transformation. The structure and concept of what Sole Fintech offers ties in well with FHUT’s concept of wealth creation. That is, in order to find success in investment, investors need to first find success in savings. Sole Fintech App provides a space where investors can participate in both activities on one platform.”

Sole Limited CEO Mereia Volavola said their primary goal is to promote the importance of saving money.

“Sole encourages Fijians to save, invest and grow! It is very important for individuals and families to manage their money wisely. We congratulate our early starters who have joined Sole since the launch in October 2022 and opened savings buckets. “

“The percentage of savings and investments held in Sole surpasses 20% of total E-money held in Sole. This is unprecedented in Fiji’s Financial system and shows that Fijians can save but need the right financial tool to do this.

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