SODELPA denounces “any encouragement of violence or discrimination”

Fiji’s Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) says a recent case of hate speech involving an affiliate does not reflect the party’s stance, saying that it “denounces very strongly any encouragement of violence or discrimination of any form.”

In a statement, President Ratu Epenisa Cakobau says the party does not condone any form of illegality or the removal of a government via violence, that people must always exercise their rights through the poll.

He is urging members to be mindful of their behaviour particularly on social media.

Ratu Epeli cautioned that party leaders and supporters must always remember that their actions will have a reflection on the party, and “it can either be positive or negative.”

Ratu Epenisa said whilst it is understood that people are tired and fed up with the struggles of life in Fiji today, with high unemployment and very high social costs, it does not give people the right to make extremist calls. He stated that people must always exercise their rights through the poll, and it is important that they do so with wisdom, as they will have to live with that choice for the next four years.


Photo Source: SODELPA Social Media

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