SODELPA Board to Meet in May: To Discuss Gavoka Education Portfolio Transfer Response

The SODELPA Management Board will meet in May to discuss the response from Deputy PM Viliame Gavoka addressing the party’s directive to facilitate the transfer of the Education Ministry portfolio to Aseri Radrodro.

It is understood Gavoka wrote back to advise that he cannot comply with the directive.

SODELPA general secretary Viliame Takayawa says the next meeting of the Management Board meeting is in May.

He told Mai TV the SODELPA AGM this Saturday will see the announcement of the party leader, discuss amendments to their Constitution, Elections for VP and extension of the due date for submission of their financials.

In their letter to Gavoka, who led the party to the 2022 General Elections, the SODELPA board directed that he facilitate relinquishing the Education Ministry portfolio and hand it over to Radrodro.

However, Gavoka has stated that it is not within his authority to make that transfer; as it falls under the Prime Minister’s prerogative as outlined in the 2013 Constitution.

SODELPA’s constitution stipulates expulsion for MPs who oppose the party’s position in parliament without resigning.

Section 17B of the SODELPA Constitution states: Any MP who crosses the floor or opposes the party’s agreed or expressed position on an issue in parliament and who does not resign from the party as a result of his/her actions shall be expelled from the party by a decision of the management board.

However, since this matter concerns the cabinet, which is under the Prime Minister’s jurisdiction, it is not clear if the party has grounds to expel Gavoka should they choose to.

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