Siblings Count it a Blessing; Dedicate their Rugby Achievements to their Parents

A pair of siblings are counting it a privilege to be training together vying for a final spot in the team that will be named this Friday that’s to defend the gold medal at the Paris Olympics next month.

What many don’t yet know is that Iosefo Masi and Filipo Sauturaga are brothers. And while they’ve played together twice before, being together this past 2 weeks has been extra special, especially for their parents in Nadi.

“I count it a privilege to be training and playing with my brother; we have a lot of respect for one another because we’re siblings and we learn a lot from each other,” Masi said.

Sauturaga said it’s especially significant for their parents watching them make it to the extended squad for the Olympics.

“I think back to when we were growing up as siblings, the struggles and now we’re both making it into the extended national 7s squad.”

“Whatever happens, if we make it or one of us doesn’t, it doesn’t change anything. We are brothers and our support for one another will always remain no matter what.” Sauturaga added.

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