Set it at $5: SODELPA on national minimum wage

Consultations on the national minimum wage is never ending, says Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Viliame Gavoka who demands that the national minimum wage should be set at $5.

“We have heard all the reasons why minimum wage should not increase and all the reasons why it should, and SODELPA will act, to uplift amarginalised workers right to a living wage,” Gavoka said.

“As I have stated in Parliament, SODELPA will establish a $5 minimum wage, to improve access to basic human needs and make progressive changes reducing the economic gaps between the “haves” and the “have nots”.”

“There are numerous studies on the benefits of increasing minimum wage and countries that have complied have reaped its benefits. Those businesses that were reluctant in the first place now observe increased productivity and improved overall well-being of their workers.”

Consultations were held around the country to gather feedback on a proposal to increase the NMW from $2.68 to between $3.45 and $3.65.

The proposal has been met with some pushback back. Whilst welcoming of the proposal to increase the minimum wage, some attendees at the consultations felt that the proposed rate is too high for businesses to sustain.

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