Second dose of vaccine still requires precautions: Dr Rachel

Even if you have taken your second jab and fully vaccinated, you still need to take precautions as you can still be carriers and transmit the virus – Head of Vaccine Task Force Dr Rachel Devi has told Mai TV.

The first 4,000+ that are now fully vaccinated are frontliners including health care workers, defence forces, those at airports and sea ports, including quarantine facilities.

Dr Devi told Mai TV, Dr Fong and other senior doctors haven’t received their second jab as yet. They were to receive it on the day they had to self isolate as they were secondary contacts of cases on the third floor of MOH headquarters last Thursday.

“Even if you are fully vaccinated, you still need to take precautionary measures as there are many still not vaccinated. You can carry the virus and transmit it. Not many in Fiji have been fully vaccinated, thus precautionary measures are essential to protect all,” Dr Devi said.
“Being vaccinated means you can still be tested positive for the virus but it will minimise the risk of you getting sick. The vaccination reduces getting the seriously ill and severe disease.”

Fiji has administered 206,658 first doses and 4,599-second doses nationwide, equating to almost 32% and 1% of the target population respectively, since the beginning of our vaccination effort.

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