Scholarship Unit Screens Applications

Applications Close 16 February

Close to 8,000 students have applied for the Tertiary Scholarships Loan Scheme.

A statement from TSLS Secretariat said the applications were now being processed.

“As of 9 February, 7966 applications were successfully completed and submitted for processing. There are still applications that are in incomplete status at the applicant’s end. TSLS has made various attempts to remind the students to complete.”

Students have been urged to look at other options if they don’t meet the requirements for their preferred study.

“Those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for degree programmes have the option of taking up skills qualifications at Certificate III, IV and Diploma Level 5. Please note that scholarship eligibility criteria are different from the university admission criteria at the degree level.”

“As of Friday 9 February 2024, TSLS has made 4712 offers for academic term 1 of 2024 and this number is expected to increase with close of processing on 16 of February 2024. There are 9148 continuing sponsored students for 2024.”

8720 awards are available of which $55.5 million is specifically for new students.

“A budget of $92.7m is set aside for existing 9148 sponsored students who will continue their studies in the 2024 academic year. TSLS has noted an increased number of applications and scholarship offers for academic term 1 this year compared to the past two years.”

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