Saneem questions Fiji Media reporting accuracy

Supervisor of Election Mohammed Saneem has questioned the level of accuracy in the Fiji Media when reporting critical elements of the electoral process.

Saneem made this statement after the FEO observed that some media organisations failed to report on the practical amendments of the Electoral Act.

He says FEO held a press conference earlier this week and it is unfortunate that critical amendments of Electoral Act 2014 were not reported accurately by some media organisations.

According to Saneem, some even refused to publish this information released by FEO which specifically explains each individual component of the amendment.

Saneem says various media organizations secured the information and gave it different angles diverting attention to irrelevant facts that are of minimal consequence.

“The experience of analyzing reports from the media for this exercise allows the FEO to determine the level of accuracy in the reporting of the Fiji Media when it comes to the critical elements of the electoral process. The FEO wishes to use this assessment today to demonstrate to the members of the media, editors as well as the general public on the risks associated with media failing on their duties to effectively deliver information that is credible, accurate and timely to the general public.”

Saneem says it is alarming to see how some media organisations diluted the content of the press conference resulting in the ultimate failure to relay the information that was intended to be pushed out to the public.

The FMA states it welcomes the scrutiny which is not new as the media has been one of the most heavily scrutinised industry in the country.

“The media continues to provide various viewpoints and voices to be heard in the country. The media remains accountable to its viewers, readers, and listeners and will continue to do its work despite the various enormous challenges the industry faces at this time. It is constantly choosing and weighing news and what is of priority importance to its viewers at a particular time and what can be reported later, and still remain relevant.”

The FMA further says the media continues to strive for accuracy and balance and where it has fallen short it will take responsibility.

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