Safety and security for all: Rabuka

Former Fiji Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka says a People’s Alliance government will give all Fijians the safety and security to which they are entitled, one that will require an overhaul of the Fiji Police Force.

People’s Alliance Party leader said citizens should feel safe and secure in their homes, and about their personal security.

“The People’s Alliance envisages a society where Fijians no longer feel they must protect themselves at home behind iron bars. We are committed to building a country where everyone can live in peace with their neighbours. We want them to walk the streets without fear of being attacked. They must be confident the police force is there to help them in a partnership that works for Fiji,” Rabuka said during a press conference in Suva today.

“Many of our people feel they are at risk. They fear home invasions, robbery, grab-and-run, muggings and pickpocketing. This will require a comprehensive overhaul of a police force that urgently requires reform and reorganisation. I’m not convinced it has all the vehicles and equipment it requires. “

There is also a need he says for officers to undergo more intense and effective training in the values and disciplines of policing underlined by reports of involvement of some police officers in illegal and criminal activities.

These officers he says bring disrepute to the force and officers who conduct themselves in line with the highest standards of professionalism, discipline, and ethics.

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