RFMF Conducts Own Investigation into RFNS Puamau Grounding

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces is now conducting its independent inquiry into the grounding of RFNS Puamau on Boto reef in Fulaga, Lau last week.

In a statement, RFMF Commander Major General Jone Kalouniwai said that the independent inquiry is being carried out due to ‘the significant monetary value of the affected platform, valued at around $20 million and the recent commissioning of RFNS Puamau into the Fiji Navy Fleet within the last month.’

“While acknowledging the internal investigation conducted by the Fiji Navy, the RFMF believes that an independent BOI will enhance the thoroughness and objectivity of the inquiry, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the incident.”

“Our primary goal is to prevent similar occurrences in the future and uphold the highest of standards of safety and operational excellence with the Fiji Navy.”

Environment groups have recently raised concerns about the possibility of oil spilling into the waters in Fulaga from the RFNS Puamau with some calling for swift action to be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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