Results confirm Omicron and Delta transmission throughout Fiji: Health

Authorities anticipate coronavirus cases in all divisions to continue to increase after positive samples sent to Australia confirm community transmission throughout Fiji of both Omicron and Delta variants.

“The results of positive samples sent to the Doherty Institute in Melbourne for genomic sequencing have confirmed, as expected, that we have community transmission throughout Fiji of both…,” Permanent Secretary Health Dr James Fong said.

With Omicron being more infectious than Delta, Dr Fong says it will become the dominant variant advising people who develop coronavirus symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, body ache and fever to assume that they are infected and take the necessary measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“If you have any of these symptoms, please stay home to prevent infecting others, especially those who may be more at risk of severe disease. You should get tested if you can, but especially if you are at higher risk of severe disease. You are at higher risk of severe disease if you are over the age of 50, or have any significant chronic disease like heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, diabetes, hypertension or you are obese or pregnant. 

“If anyone in your home is at higher risk of developing severe disease,  please try to isolate yourself away from them.”

Omicron, authorities say has been shown to escape immunity from infection induced by previous infection or vaccination, meaning that people that have been previously infected by other variants or have been fully vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine, can still get infected with the variant.

580 New Coronavirus Cases

Since the last update, Fiji have recorded a total of 580 new cases; of which 405 new cases were recorded yesterday on 2 January and 175 new cases in the last 24 hours ending at 8 am today.

Of the 580 cases, 146 cases were recorded in the Northern Division; 111 cases were recorded in the Western Division, 303 cases were recorded in the Central Division, and 20 cases in the Eastern Division.

Overall, there have been 54,939 cases recorded in the second wave, with 69 per cent of the cases from the Central Division, 27per cent of the cases from the Western Division, 1 per cent of the cases from the Eastern Division, and 3 per cent from the Northern Division.

Two COVID-19 Deaths

Two more people have died from COVID-19. Both were unvaccinated.

The first COVID-19 death to report is of a 73-year-old male from Wainibuku who died at home on 31 December 2021 in respiratory distress. He had pre-existing medical conditions and was not vaccinated.

The second COVID -19 death to report is of an 84-year-old male from Kinoya who died at home yesterday in respiratory distress. He had a significant pre-existing medical condition and was not vaccinated.

There have been a total of 702 deaths due to COVID-19, and 621 deaths with COVID-19 in Fiji.

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