Restriction of movement for Viti Levu, TC Harold is Cat 4

VITI Levu is now under restricted movement orders as Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Harold bears down on three divisions of Fiji.

Only emergency Services are allowed on the road to reduce the risk of casualties as disaster management officials admit TC Harold is tracking closer to the mainland.

Director National Disaster Management Office Vasiti Soko said the government has had discussions this morning around the possibility of a state of emergency.

“It is a question we have also been discussing. To declare a state of emergencies there are triggers that we need to meet. Unless we meet all the requirements to declare a state of emergency then we will,” Ms Soko said.

“Triggers are Lives of people are at risk, when the economy can no longer cope and with lots f threat to people’s lives. But, that is one of the agendas that is being discussed. As we speak, we are coping, we are asking the general public to stay home so that we can do our job.”

TC Harold has downgraded to a Category 4 system which unlike when it tracked slowly through Vanuatu earlier in the week, is moving at a much faster speed through Fiji waters.

“We are anticipating much stronger winds. The cyclone is moving at a faster pace. It should not take long to exit Fiji waters. We hope it will exit Ono-i-Lau by tomorrow morning.

“Right now the message is please stay home. Please stay safe and take all necessary precautionary measures. We are advising members of the public to please stay indoors for your own safety.”

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