Reservation of party name application received: Registrar

Registrar of Parties and Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says he has so far received one other application for reservation of name for a proposed party leading up to Fiji’s 2022 elections.

He however declined to give further details about the applicants, on whether they are new entrants to Fiji’s political landscape or seasoned politicians making their return, saying that some do not follow through with their applications.

The only new party registered since the last election in 2018 is former Fiji Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka’s People’s Alliance Party that was registered last month, making it the eighth registered party in Fiji.

The other seven parties include the ruling FijiFirst Government party, the opposition caucus made up of SODELPA and National Federation Party as well as UNITY FIJI, HOPE, Fiji Labour Party and Freedom Alliance Party.

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