Relocated individuals to observe 14-day self-quarantine: Fijian Government

People who had moved into non-containment areas before Friday 11 June are among those requested to observe a 14-day quarantine, a directive that came days after a positive case was reported in Tavua involving an individual who had travelled from Lautoka.

The notice issued yesterday evening outlining relocation protocols intended to “reduce any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus” including maintaining at least 1m distance from other household members came five days after the Ministry of Health announced a positive case in Tavua. In announcing the case on Sunday, 6 June, the Ministry said the individual had “recently arrived from Lautoka.”

The Nacilau border at the Ba end of Lautoka was opened on Saturday 5 June. The only other known case in Tavua, also announced on 6 June, is an individual who had moved to Tavua village from Matasinasau village in Naitasiri before test results were known. The Momi border separating Nadi and Sigatoka was also uplifted on 5 June.

The government directive also requires those relocated and those intending to relocate to call 158 to relay their movement and place of residence. They are also advised to refrain from going to work during their quarantine period, remain in their place of residence, hotel or accommodation, should not participate in social activities including family gatherings, and should not visit supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, takeaways and food markets.

“The purpose of this self-quarantine at the traveler’s destination is to reduce any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus for anyone who may have unknowingly been exposed to the virus or who was a primary or secondary contact with a known COVID case from the place of departure,” the Fijian Government statement said.

“When at home try to maintain safe physical distancing from your household members, if you can, quarantine from your household members in a separate room.  If it is not possible to quarantine from your family members within your residence, try to maintain a 1m distance from the members of your household at all times while inside the house.”

Public cooperation and compliance in following this advice is required to monitor potential exposures that have transferred to non-containment areas and to stop the spread of the virus in our communities if there is a case, the statement said.

Relocation to non-containment areas is for individuals returning to their permanent place of residence and not for temporary movement or for visiting friends and family.

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