Rakiraki Carpenter’s Prison Sentence Suspended For Power Tools Theft

A 23-year-old carpenter from Rakiraki convicted of stealing power tools worth around $2000 from his former employer in March last year, has been given a chance to rebuild his life.

Lautoka High Court Justice Riyaz Hamza suspended Shivnesh Lal’s 3-year prison sentence for seven years, taking into account his young age, first-time offence, and potential for rehabilitation.

According to court documents, Lal has been the sole provider for his family since his father’s passing in 2011, caring for his mother, who has a heart condition, and his younger sister. Despite the challenges, he has maintained a good reputation in the community, supporting religious organisations and demonstrating good character.

Evidence presented in court showed that Lal was employed by the complainant, an 80-year-old doctor who resides at Nananu I Ra, and was one of the two individuals with access to the cupboard where the tools were kept.

Lal pleaded guilty to the charges, one count each of aggravated burglary and theft.

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