PSV provisions remain valid as open rank system talks continue

Consultations on the mechanics of the Open Taxi Rank System continues and until its implementation, Fiji’s Land Transport Authority reminds taxi operators that all existing laws still apply including their respective PSV permit conditions.

LTA Board Chairman James Sowane reconvened discussions today with stakeholders to finalise the implementation plan of the system that does away with bases and stands allowing taxis to operate from any rank within their designated areas of operation on a first-in-first-out basis.

“As the “Open Taxi Rank System” changes the rules regarding the operation of taxi stands, it is essential that we get the implementation right,” Sowane said.
“We will be reaching out in time to other stakeholders and subject matter specialists, including industry representatives and associations to ensure maximum efficacy and to avoid any potential issues which may arise.”

The date of when the implementation of the Open Rank System begins will be announced by the MCTTT within the next two months.

At their most recent discussion chaired by Richard Breen, the LTA Board Committee on Public Transport met with Fijian Government stakeholders including LTA Management, the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), the Ministry of Local Government, and the Ministry of Commerce, Trade Tourism & Transport (MCTT).

The system is one of the new initiatives outlined in the Land Transport (Budget Amendment) Act 2021, which was passed in Parliament in July. Regarding the system, the Ministry of Transport said it will improve efficiency, discourage illegal operators and provide flexibility for taxi operators/ drivers to operate as and when they want to operate.

The removal of base and stands will also remove the monthly fees associated with the base/stand. This will be replaced with an annual PSV levy, which will be paid by all PSV permit holders except rental permit holders at the time of annual vehicle registration. This means that each month the PSV operators will not have to worry about setting aside monthly fees from their income.

There are more than 7,000 taxis in operation across Fiji.

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