Prioritise Travel Safety During Festive Season: LTA

Fiji’s Land Transport Authority is urging all travellers to prioritise safety by preparing for their journeys, especially considering the challenges posed by humidity, heatwaves and potential tropical cyclones as the festive season approaches.

LTA Acting CEO Irimaia Rokosawa said the combination of long drives, rising temperatures, and potential driver fatigue demands careful attention to ensure a secure and enjoyable travel experience this festive season.

“Ensuring a safe journey in Fiji’s summer weather begins with both your vehicle and personal readiness. The high temperatures during this season can impact the vehicle and driving conditions, if necessary precautions are not taken. Furthermore, the extended drives can take a toll on even the most dependable vehicles and drivers,” Rokosawa said.

“Where possible, rotate drivers. Sharing driving responsibility with other licensed passengers can curb driver fatigue on our roads during the festive season and adverse weather,” he said.

To combat these challenges:

Vehicle Check-Up – Prior to setting out on any summer trip, have your vehicle undergo a thorough inspection. Focus on the cooling system, ensuring proper functioning of the radiator, hoses, and coolant levels. Check tire conditions and pressure, as extremely hot roads can increase the risk of blowouts.

Fluid Maintenance – High temperatures can accelerate fluid breakdown. Regularly check and maintain adequate levels of engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant to ensure optimal performance of these vital components.

Battery Health – Inspect the battery for signs of corrosion and ensure it’s securely mounted. Consider having its charge and health tested, especially during hot weather, to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Driver Preparedness – Stay hydrated and well-rested before embarking on a journey. Long drives in hot weather can be exhausting, so plan breaks to avoid driver fatigue. Also, avoid the peak heat hours when possible.

Over the festive season, the LTA in collaboration with the Police will be carrying out travel safety awareness including monitoring driving behaviours and  compliance to road safety rules, standards and regulations.

Road Safety Tips

• Do not use mobile phones while driving: Every activity using your mobile phone while driving can distract your attention and lead to an accident or even death. Avoid using mobile phone while driving.

• Seat Belt: Drivers and passengers should fasten their seat belts at all times when travelling.

• Keep your distance: Always keep a two second distance or two cars length as gap between you and any vehicle in front.

• Don’t drink and drive: Driving under the influence of liquor is not allowed. It can cause serious injuries and even death.

• Take a break: Fatigue one of the major factors of road accidents. When driving long hours, take a break and rest for a while before proceeding on your journey.

• Share if you can: For long trips, share the driving responsibilities with someone else. This will allow you keep an eye on each other while driving and also enable you to nap without losing time.

• Children: Children are vulnerable, take extra care when driving in school zones and playgrounds.

• Stay within the Speed Limit: Always drive within the speed limit. It will prevent accidents.

• Don’t eat/drink while driving: It can cause you to lose control of the vehicle you are driving and lead to an accident. Find parking at a parking spot to eat before continuing on your journey.

• Earpiece: Avoid using earpieces while driving as it can be distracting and cause an accident.

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