Prime Fiji Limited sentencing scheduled for March

A high court in Fiji has ruled to sentence Prime Fiji Limited in absentia, with sentencing set for next month.

Prosecution FICAC says the company which was convicted of forgery and using a forged document in November last year has not made any attempt to attend the case.

FICAC has been given 21 days to file sentencing submission.

Prime Fiji was found guilty of one count of forgery and one count of using a forged document. The court heard that in 2016, Prime Fiji Limited “submitted a falsified Performance Security of Westpac Banking Corporation amounting to $351,865 for the street light renewals with the intent to dishonestly induce Fiji Roads Authority in their capacity as public officials to accept it as genuine and to dishonestly influence the exercise of their functions.”

The company was initially cleared of the charges by a magistrates court in Suva in February last year, before a successful FICAC appeal saw the high court quash the ruling on 24 November 2021, convicting the company on both counts.

The sentence is scheduled for 7 March.

Photo: Fiji Roads

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