Police step up drug/alcohol crime ops

Drug operations continue around the country, as a raid in the hills of Navosa resulted in the discovery of more than 1,400 plants believed to be marijuana.

The Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan said routine operations have been beefed up with the Divisional Task Forces focused on targeting crimes that often record increases during the festive season.

ACP Khan said that apart from drug raids conducted in Kadavu, which is an ongoing operation, teams are targeting the cultivators, while Task Forces are focused on peddlers and those involved.

He said operations are also focused on crimes linked to alcohol as the festive season often records an increase in alcohol related crimes..

A man from Korokadi in the Northern Division was arrested following a raid that led to the discovery of a large quantity of rice whiskey at his home yesterday.

The suspect remains in custody as investigations continue.

ACP Khan said divisional task forces will also be focused on bootleggers and ensuring business operators are operating within the ambits of their liquor licences.

Source: Fiji Police Force

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