Police release tattoo images in a bid to ID dead woman

Fiji Police have released photos in an effort to identify a woman whose body was found floating near a beach in Lautoka on Sunday.

Authorities say the body, which was discovered by a farmer from Naboutini, Sabeto who was with family for a picnic at the location, was floating near Lomolomo Beach.

“Investigators are yet to identify the victim, and we are releasing photos in the hope that someone may recognise these tattoos and come forward to identify the victim,” Fiji Police said in a statement.

“The victim has a tattoo with the words Renal on her right chest and left wrist. She also has a tattoo of a rose on her left arm and the tattoo of a butterfly on her right leg.”

Anyone with information is requested to call Crimestoppers on 919 or the Western Division Command Centre via 9905-457.

Photo: Fiji Police

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