Police confirm two investigations linked to human trafficking claims underway

Fijian police confirm it is carrying out two separate investigations stemming from human trafficking claims against a local shipping company, including one against the alleged victims.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed that the two investigations underway include one lodged via the victims and the other by the shipping company.

Investigations were launched after international reports surfaced alleging the abuse of Filipino workers employed by Goundar shipping company.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) issued a release recently highlighting the range of alleged abuses the workers endured. When approached, the shipping company declined to comment on the matter.

However, Fijian police confirmed that investigations were underway, and that no charges have been laid to as yet.

“There are two investigations underway, Naisoro told MaiTV, One lodged by the victims of alleged human trafficking, the other by Mr Goundar of alleged theft by the victims.”

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