Police await Post Mortem results in death of 12 year old

Police are continuing investigations and awaiting post mortem results on the death of a 12 year old who was found dead in her bedroom in Nadi last week.

Police spokesman Wame Bautolu said Police have been carrying out investigations and nothing will be ascertained till the post mortem results are finalised.

The death has prompted a call by a concerned group that work with primary and high school students, calling for more awareness in schools of avenues that students are able to access for help.

Student Life member Taliah Roba said the death was shocking.

“That child had so much ahead of her. No one knows what was going on with the child. It’s sad because so many young people are going through problems and they feel they can’t talk about it in safety.”

“Children need to understand and know that there are people they can talk to and schools need to be more receptive and set up safe spaces for their students.”

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