Duo Arrested Over Suspected Marijuana Find as Police Up Operations Including Random Checks

A young man loitering in a shopping complex in Lami was arrested by the Fiji police today after he was with bullets of dried leaves that are suspected to be marijuana.

The leaves have been sent for analysis.

The arrest comes after police took in a 36-year-old man the previous day after a raid on Cunningham Old Road, where bullets of dried leaves were discovered.

The raid and random checks come as police intensify their operations, including snap checkpoints, foot and mobile patrols, and the clearance of towns and cities from loiterers. They are also collaborating with stakeholders to address the issues of young children loitering and street dwellers. The police plan to use technology through partnerships with businesses and the use of CCTV capabilities.

They also aim to strengthen community policing operations, conduct community outreach programs, and establish Crime Prevention Committees.

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