Police arrest 39 for breach of curfew and health restrictions

police man in rain

Fiji’s Police arrested 39 people over the last 24 hours for breaching health restrictions including curfew and containment demarcations, with the most arrests recorded in the Eastern Division involving 18 people who were drinking grog at a settlement in Tailevu.

Police said the 18 were arrested at Nadurumoli settlement in Kiuva.

Of the 14 cases recorded in the Western Division, four men were operating a Non-Essential business in Lautoka, and three aged between 18 and 21 years were found drunk. Four people including a juvenile were arrested at Nabalabala village for crossing the Naiserelagi containment zone in Ra.

In the Southern Division, Police recorded seven people, including a 42-year-old taxi driver who was found driving without a pass during curfew.

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