Personal Reasons: Mukesh Nand says of Resignation From Fiji Electoral Commission

Lawyer and recently resigned Chairperson of Fiji’s Electoral Commission Mukesh Nand today confirmed that he stepped down from his position due to personal reasons.

When questioned about whether the delay in appointing replacement commissioners to the Electoral Commission influenced his decision, Nand declined to comment stating he decided to call it a day “to concentrate on [his] work and health.”

Nand’s resignation comes approximately 16 months after assuming the role in February last year, leading up to Fiji’s 2022 General Elections in December.

With his departure, there are now six vacant seats remaining on the supposed seven-member Electoral Commission, with Ateca Ledua who contested the 2018 Elections being the only remaining member. Ledua was appointed to the EC last year alongside Nand.

Acting Supervisor of Elections in her capacity as acting EC secretary Ana Mataiciwa confirmed Nand’s resignation in a statement today. Nand reportedly handed in his resignation to President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere yesterday.

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