People’s Alliance names 12 provisional candidates

People’s Alliance party today named 12 provisional candidates, among them leader Sitiveni Rabuka, deputy leader Manoa Kamikamica and general secretary Sakiasi Ditoka to contest the 2022 General Elections.

Former Fiji XVs rep Daniel Lobendahn, lawyer Fili Vosarogo, Jalesi Nakarawa, Jessica Bale Naevo, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya, Lynda Tabuya, Preetam Singh Shokar, Sadavisan Naicker, and Sajal Narayan.

“ We promise to meet the expectations of the People Alliance and the people,” Rabuka said during the announcement in Suva this evening.

“I am honoured to be part of this team provisionally selected  to help me carry the banner of People’s Alliance to victory.

“At the end of the process, it will enable the People’s Alliance to contest every one of the 55 seats up for grabs in parliament.”

The party is expected to name 17 more candidates this Thursday.

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